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At Miss Rachael's Dance, we have a passion for the art of dance and for helping others discover their inner dancer. Our highly trained instructors have a wealth of experience in teaching and performing various styles and disciplines.

We offer a variety of options where your dancer can take dance class...

*Outside weekly dance classes June 1st - August 13th

*Virtual Dance classes - open enrollment

*In Studio dance classes at our Baker and Glendale locations - Enroll now! 

Summer camps and  In Studio weekly summer classes 

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Classes We Offer

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Our Dance Studio offers a large variety of dance classes for all skill levels. Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping each dancer achieve their highest potential, while also having as much fun as possible. We have two Denver locations. Baker Studio - 75 S Cherokee St Denver 80223
Glendale Studio - 4309 E Mississippi Ave Glendale 80246

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Ballet / Tap Combo 

ages 2-12

This structured dance class teaches ballet and tap basics in a positive environment with music, props and creative movement. Young dancers learn how to follow directions, share and take turns while building their foundation and love for dance, movement and creativity.



ages 7 and up

This class introduces the young dancer to ballet terminology, technique barre work and flexibility. As the dancer continues in ballet technique classes, there is more focus on the technique of ballet with alignment, strength, flexibility and expression.


Hip Hop

ages 5 and up

The young dancer is introduced to rhythms, isolations, freestyle movement and creative improvisation. As the dancer progresses, there is more focus on style, history, technical foundations and self-expression.



ages 7 and up

This class introduces the dancer to the codified technique of classic jazz dance. There is an emphasis on rhythm, oppositional movements, strength and flexibility. As the dancer continues studying jazz technique there is more focus on lines, energy, self expression, foundations and history

Girl Dancing Shoes


ages 7 and up

This percussive dance form introduces the young dancer to rhythm, syncopation technical foundations and musicality. As the dancer advances through tap more emphasis is placed on technique, complex rhythms and patterns, clarity of sounds, shading and improvisation.


ages 3 - 8

We offer Summer camps and one day camps. A typical camp day consists of a combo dance class, snack and craft.


Boys tap/hip hop combo

Let’s Do It

Here is a dance class with curriculum designed for boys. Come in for a trial class of this boys only tap and hip hop combo dance class filled with lots of high energy moves.


ages 3-5

DANCE+ gives you 2 hours of time to run errands, fit in a workout or relax while your child has an hour dance combo class followed by crafts, interactive storytime and creative movement. Please have your child bring tap and ballet shoes, a water bottle and light snack. Children must be potty trained.
Thursdays 1:00-3:00 pm (Glendale)
Fridays 10:00-12:00 pm (Baker)

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